Canvas Place


Welcome to Canvas Place, our collection of small individualised hotels, resorts and residences. Revel in a unique kind of grounded luxury at Canvas Place Bali and Canvas Place Kui Buri. Expect intimate and exceptional resort living at Canvas Place Bali. Discover a fully integrated residential and resort concept at Canvas Place Kui Buri.

Your tailored journey begins the moment you book. Our confirmation marks the beginning of your adventure. Arrive and immerse yourself in the sensory interplay of light, sound, scent, water. Canvas Place stands upon a firm foundation of community, reinforced by genuine social connections. Dressed in the arts, steeped in history, immersed in cultural awareness, Canvas will propel you on a journey of exploration.

Encounter hidden values in local culture, discover and uplift lost traditions and interact, learn and collaborate with the community. Shared experiences between you and the neighbourhood are a hallmark of Canvas.

We stitch together all that is needed for a memorable and seamless stay. A range of facilities and activities contribute to your balanced health and wellbeing. Gastronomes of authentic cuisine will appreciate our restaurants and their use of local ingredients and traditional techniques. Art aficionados can soak in a rich display of exceptional and unique art. Canvas Place is designed to cultivate genuine encounters and learning between citizens of the world.